Thursday, December 10, 2009

soul shakedown partyyyy

Ahhhh, Patron!

Pics from Thanksgiving weekend. Went out for my ex-roomie/Big Sis Jazzy J's birthday at some place called The Room in Hollywood. It was a neat place and we had a siiiiick cabana table. Ended up leaving early with the girls I came with to meet our friend Zach (Hollywood club promoter extraordinaire) at Hyde.
[Note: NOT dressed for clubbing by any means. I hate clubs most of the time anyway.]
 This particular time, some drunk ass douchebag at Zach's table would not stop harassing me.. then when I rejected him he proceeded to insult me and call me every name his pea-sized intoxicated brain could come up with. It was funny when Zach yanked him by the collar and demanded he apologize.

Anyway, don't mind the messy closet in the first two pics. I'm working on a better picture taking background.


  1. I actually like having your closet in the background. It looks cool. I love the headband btw! See you in like an hour and a half! <3

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