Monday, November 30, 2009

haus of mennell

Meet my super FAB stylist friend, THE Annie Castaldi. She has taken me under her wing, inviting me along to her recent shoots and I must say it is quite thrilling. She is driven & very good at what she does. & you know the saying "you're only as good as your last job" which means that in the wardrobe styling business, you HAVE to stay on your game. Right now I'm assisting her any job I can fit in my crazy schedule but we're hoping to partner up once I'm done with school. This is sort of my internship for the last semester of my college career and if all goes well, I'll be moving out to L.A. & doing this full time with this chcia.

I'm kind of in lust with L.A. right now. I've lived here all my life, but never in the city. I'm itching, dying, ACHING to move out of the valley in my post-college life. Anywho, we hit the town (4100 in Silverlake & then to Jones in WeHo) and took some pics of our escapades.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

You sayin' that you want me, So press record I'll let you film me...

Happy Thanksgiving bloggers!
I'm thankful for many things, and I'm guilty of taking them for granted most of the year.. but I'm glad we have 4 days off to spend time over a delicious meal with our families.
I'm thankful for...
-My family.
We've been through a LOT in the last 2 years or so... but I'll always be the first to say things happen for a reason. We're all in a good place now.
-My friends.
I've been thinking about this recently. I am incredibly lucky to have MANY different groups of friends who are all so incredibly supportive of me. I realized this during the run of Fate of a Cockroach. Let me just say that my girls wanna PARTY ALL THE TIME. I love that my weekends are never dull. And I LOOOOVE our daily facebook message threads. They never stop going. We are a riot, I must say.
-My Love.
Lately, it's been all about the little things. Little thoughtful surprises that keep us on our toes. We've also been through crazy and back, and if anything I think our bond has strengthened. He's my very bestest friend and my lovely love.
Nothing and I mean NOTHING gets me through a rut better than [any and all forms of] art. Music, painting, writing, acting. Hell, even fashion. Any sort of creative outlet keeps. me. sane.
Yes, I'm thankful for school. It keeps me busy, thinking critically, and makes me feel confident and smart. I've really been striving to do my best work this semester and I can honestly say I have been pulling it off quite well.

And now, a little picture show a la Siera Eden

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I've just seen a face...

Recent projects from Garry Lennon's Theatre 367 Advanced Makeup class. I love that we get units & a grade for this! The assignments are fun as hell, surprisingly challenging and the payoff is rewarding. I've been asked to design makeup for a Deep Grey Productions film, that I also happen to be acting in. More details about that project later.. But yeah, I'm definitely taking a liking to this makeup thing.

Projects from top to bottom:
1. Fantasy project: The iconic Che Guevara poster every Mexican has hanging in their room
2. Blood & Gore? Lab: I got the Chris Brown treatment...
3. The "Situation" project: Mine? I ate a bowl of strawberries I found out I was allergic to.
4. & 5. Middle Age Lab: No, my mom does not look like this (she looks better) and yes, call me Mama Cougar

In other news, I have a second job doing some styling with the lovely Annie. And some promising future projects (... you had me at "personal shopping"). Reasons why I wish I could just be done with school already and embarking on a budding partnership! So we're doing a photo shoot tomorrow. The experience is invaluable and frankly in L.A. is all about who you know, so it's great to be getting my name out there to various industry people. I envision myself out of this boring, hot, lifeless valley very, very soon. Within the year I hope!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I want your horror, I want your design. Cuz you're a criminal, as long as you're mine.

This was an insanely fun outfit to put together. Wasn't sure if I was going to pull it off until I pieced it all together at the last minute. & The best part about Halloween is playing the part. And I think my lovely played cute like a pro :]

I wish playing dress up didn't come around just once a year..

Lately I've been feelin' low, and a remedy is what I'm lookin for..

Nothing like hopping in a limo to a swanky bar/restaurant/lounge with all your best girls and guys and getting our drink on after a long week of school and work. Not to mention I really loved my outfit. Blazers are my favorite thing this season (adds a ridiculous amount of chic to any outfit) and of course black tights with black patent leather heels.

I bought the blue dress at this little boutique next to my work. I called it my "Carrie Bradshaw Dress" because of the boat neck and flattering, body hugging cut. So glad to have found this fashion forward store ("State of Dress") in Northridge, because lemme tell ya, that kind of thing is LACKING in the SFV. We have the Northridge Mall. And various $5.99 discount, cheap ass "boutiques."

Yup. Sure had a blast with the bests at Bogies in Westlake.

i know i'm no superman

my first post on blogspot is dedicated to one of the best shows on television. this highly underrated series is my little nugget of gold and i'm sharing it with the world. it's so quirky, sassy, poignant, and touching all at the same time-- simply put, there just aren't many original tv shows like this one.

anyways, i have no idea what direction this blog will go in. probably a little bit of style, a little bit of my favorite things and a little of what's on my mind. but mostly i've made a blog to follow 2 of my favorite girls: