Wednesday, January 6, 2010


[cotton + candy dress, thrift store belt, h&m necklace, kirstie's jacket, h&m purse]

Found this dress at the little boutique next to work. Probably the only stylish boutique in Northridge, but I try to support its existence because the owner is super sweet and loves to talk about clothes. It's called State of Dress and it's so hard not to buy everything before & after my shifts next door.

Winter Break has been insanely relaxing. I go to work [sometimes] but other than that, mostly just stay holed up at the BF's place watching TV & doing nothing. Also been going out with the friends a bunch, but my new hermit status is largely because I don't want to be tempted to spend money.

That's because the bf and I are going to Vegas next weekend to see:
See full size image

Yes. That's right. I cannot wait. It was probably the best Christmas present I've gotten since this beautiful white Mac machine  I'm typing on right now.

As if that wasn't grand enough, I'm going to Vegas AGAIN the weekend after for one of my best friend's birthdays. Did I mention we're staying at The Venetian free of charge? Yup!

So I'm trying to save $$ so I can go shopping in Vegas and for Vegas :)

One more thing. I don't give a fuck about new years resolutions. I feel like they give you this false sense of accomplishment and one should ALWAYS try to be healthier, nicer, more productive, motivated, etc. My 2 cents. But other than that, Happy New Year bloggers! :)

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